PART # 1050312DF
Flow-MaX 6.7L cummins Fuel Lift Pump c/w Filter & Separator Dodge 2013-2018 6.7L w/OEM Filter Removed

$675.00 USD

The Flow-MaX is the ideal replacement for the OEM pumps which can fail even at the stock horsepower level and cause damage to the injection pump. A single pump with proven Gerotor design flows 150 gph which is ample enough to support up to 800HP - dual pumps are also available. Ultra quiet and compact design with vibration isolators, aluminum brackets and stainless straps gives versatile framing mounting options and makes for a quick install. Comes with modular design fuel filter and water separator kits are available for easy install.


  • For use when OEM filtration has been removed
  • Single pump flows 150 gph to support up to 800HP
  • Gerotor Design
  • Ideal replacement for the OEM pump
  • Ultra Quiet & Compact
  • Vibration Isolators
  • Aluminium Brackets
  • Stainless Straps
  • Versatile Frame Mount
  • Filter cartridge has 3 micron rating
  • 20 micron efficiency
  • Easy to find Non-Proprietary Filter Cartridges

  • 3 Hours 30 Minutes

  • 1050312D incorporates OE filter/separator. If removing OE filter/separator, use 1050312DF which includes Flow-Max fuel filter and water separator