BD Diesel is your number one manufacture of aftermarket and replacement products for Ford Powerstroke powered vehicles. With one of the largest assortments around, BD has the right part to get you going when you are broken down, want to make some improvements or looking for some extra performance. BD Diesel has a huge network of dealers, distributors and installers across North America to get you quick access to what you need for your Powerstroke to get you traveling down the road again. BD Diesel does not just make products for diesel engines - the BD Power line of products are designed to work on both gasoline and diesel Ford powered vehicles.

Ford further advanced their 7.3L Powerstroke diesel in their 1999-2003 vehicles which opened more opportunity for upgrades and made this series very popular. BD has many options to choose from for performance upgrades and add-ons including transmissions, exhaust brakes and turbochargers.

Whether you are towing, racing or just an enthusiast, monitoring your drive train is a crucial part to optimize performance and efficiency, or, let you know when your reaching the danger zone. With today's electronically controlled engines, it is easy to have an all in one digital display at your fingertips. Or, for those whom have older vehicles or like the classic look, an analog gauge can bring a nostalgic look.

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    FEATURES Liquid filled gauge for setting up back pressure regulation on butterfly style exhaust brakes INSTALL TIME 2 Hours 30 Minutes WARRANTY Parts 90-Days Refer to Manufacturer's Warranty EMISSIONS This...
    $80.95 USD
  • ATTENTION! Not for sale on licensed California vehicles. FEATURES Added horsepower and torque Improved fuel economy Safety Defueling On-the-fly power level adjustment Four different power levels to choose from Easy...
    $449.00 USD
  • Turbochargers operate at high temperatures. The Cool Down Timer is designed to keep the engine running when the ignition is turned off to prevent turbocharger bearing failure that could occur...
    $236.95 USD
  • FEATURES Sensor Docking Station is a great, and easy way for you to check on the well-being of your vehicle This accessory is custom made for the GT and Watch...
    $199.99 USD