BD Diesel has a number of products for your diesel and gasoline powered BMW, Jeep, Toyota, Nissan Titan, Sprinter van, Hummer, Fiat, motor home, farm equipment or marine vessel. For diesel, BD has replacement injectors and pumps to get you going again. For gasoline, BD as the Throttle Sensitivity Booster to increase pedal response. BD Diesel has a huge network of dealers, distributors and installers across North America to get you quick access to what you need.

Though the name BD Diesel may imply diesel only products, we also have our BD Power brand for the gasoline market. So, not matter if it is for your BMW car or SUV, you can trust a BD product is engineered for your application.

  • ATTENTION! Not for sale on licensed California vehicles. Say goodbye to that dead, laggy throttle pedal feeling and enjoy quicker engine response and acceleration with the BD Power TS Booster....
    $289.95 USD