Heavy duty equipment and commercial transport vehicles have been a staple of BD Diesel's business since sister company Valley Fuel Injection Ltd. opened their doors in 1972. Working together under one roof, we can offer off the shelf replacements for the most common turbochargers or quick turnaround service to repair your take off unit. Our fuel shop is fully equipped to handle repairs and replacements of mid-range, forklifts, refers and much more.

The Navistar/International engine has been one of the workhorse engines for years in the commercial transport industries and we have replacement turbochargers and injectors to get you going fast when you are down. BD also has a line of exhaust brakes and emergency engine shutdown systems.

Whether you are towing, racing or just an enthusiast, monitoring your drive train is a crucial part to optimize performance and efficiency, or, let you know when your reaching the danger zone. With today's electronically controlled engines, it is easy to have an all in one digital display at your fingertips. Or, for those whom have older vehicles or like the classic look, an analog gauge can bring a nostalgic look.

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    Liquid filled gauge for setting up back pressure regulation on butterfly style exhaust brakes to ensure proper operation and possible leaks in your exhaust system that would reduce braking efficiency....
    $80.95 USD