PART # 1047139
5.9L Howler Stock VGT Turbo Kit - Dodge 2003-2007

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$2,455.00 USD

Considering a performance turbo or exhaust brake? Get both with the BD Howler VGT kit for common rail Dodge 5.9L trucks. Enjoy the drivability a modern VGT turbo has offer. Strong exhaust brake rivals butterfly valve type brakes and generates up to 65psi EBP across a wide rpm band. Comes with full install kit including turbo, BD manifold, plug and play controller kit, and all necessary fittings for a straightforward installation.


  • 450hp-575hp towing trucks we suggest the 1047139 kit stock HE351VE turbo paired with stock or 60hp injectors
  • 575hp-675hp trucks we suggest the 1047140 kit with Screamer turbo paired with 90-120hp injectors and a R900 CP3 pump
  • Integrated exhaust brake control with included toggle switch
  • High-performance thick-walled exhaust manifold included
  • Faster spool up than conventional turbo
  • VSR high speed balanced
  • Plug & Play VGT controller kit with wiring harness
  • Control module monitors sensor inputs and controls vanes for optimal spool up
  • Turbocharger wheel speed control prevents overspeed
  • Commanded boost based on throttle position to maximize cruising fuel economy
  • Built in safety defaults the vanes open if erroneous sensor data received
  • Kit includes all necessary hardware to install
  • Factory looking fit and finish
  • Does not need OBD port connection
  • No core charge

  • 12-Months
  • 12,000 Miles

  • 2003 to 2004 model year (305HP output) Dodge Ram 2500/3500 with HY35 turbocharger will require a 2004.5-2007 style aftermarket downpipe such as Flo Pro part number 20811
  • 2003-2005 pick-ups do not maintain torque converter lockup on deceleration - suggest 1030395 Torqloc to improve exhaust brake performance
  • Not for sale on licensed California vehicles

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Matt G.
United States United States
5.9L Howler Stock VGT Turbo Kit

It all started when I needed to replace my rusted out exhaust. I'd been thinking of putting on an exhaust brake so it seemed like the proper time to check that off the list. During my research a buddy mentioned this BD kit. I'd been dreaming of doing the VGT swap since I bought the truck almost 7 years ago but was put off from the idea from my local diesel shop at the time (heard it was a programming nightmare). Fast forward to this year when I discoverd the BD plug and play kit. Excited would be an understatement. I already had a BD exhaust manifold on the truck (which sadly didn't work with the new kit), so I knew mostly what I was getting myself into with the install. For me it was a partial 2-person job; getting that heavy new turbo lined up and mounted to the manifold was not going to happen by myself. Clearance around the 2 bottom manifold studs/nuts was pretty bad and it was difficult to get them tightened. The only other part of the install that gave me grief was putting in the new oil drain tube at the bottom of the turbo as there is very little room to reach up in there; in hindsight I'm not sure if the drain tube actually needed to be replaced or if a new gasket could've been put onto the original one. Out of an abundance of caution I contacted BD towards the end of the install to confirm a wiring question. I've got an 04.5 that was probably built the Friday of Cinco de Mayo so it seems half of the time the truck is configured as an 04 and the other half it's an 05 with some parts out of the scrap bin mixed in. I personally find it very nice that I can get a hold of a real person on the phone. I got transferred to the tech-guy (who was out on lunch when I called but promptly returned my call) and he was quickly able to answer/confirm my question. Starting the truck up for the 1st time everything worked as intended, no codes or warning lights (a rarity for my truck projects). After letting it run at idle for a while and verifying the proper functionality of the exhaust brake I took it out for a drive; it's a very noticeable difference. The truck accelerates faster and the power feels like it is delivered more continuously and consistently. The exhaust brake is great. I've been running the setup for a little over a month and have driven a little over 2000 miles, I haven't seen any discernible changes to my fuel economy in that time. Things to note: - One of the brass fittings for connecting the new coolant lines was the wrong size, thankfully I was able to catch a ride to the local hardware store and remedy the problem for about $5 and an extra 20 minutes. - A note in the directions about draining the coolant would have been nice. I'm sure most people figure that out on their own but I can get "tunnel vision" with projects like this and I don't always do a good job of thinking ahead; I also wasn't sure how much coolant would drain out from the engine block - spoiler alert - it's a lot. - Only other thing that I could ask for would be to have a different switch-mounting option (for the EB) available for the manual transmission folks out there. I think pacbrake has a little mounting pod that will attach to the shifter that works out pretty well, thankfully I've got access to a 3d printer so I was able to rig up my own mount. All in all very happy with the product, thanks BD for making the kit!

Nick S.
United States United States
Thank you BD for making this conversion kit!

Installed this on my 04.5 Cummins with 50 hp injectors and the BD Torqloc controller. I use this truck as a DD and towing rig on the weekends, this kit was by far the best money I've ever spent on this truck. The conversion is a fairly involved install when coupled with the Torqloc but the kit is very complete and has been absolutely worth the effort. The truck is much more responsive than it was with the stock turbo, the exhaust brake works great, and the VGT just sounds badass. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to upgrade a turbo on their 5.9 and the exhaust brake is a nice bonus on top of everything else the VGT offers.